Daring to be Different

Daring to be different:

In my years in new-car dealership management, there have been many things I thought could be done better, top to bottom. The most important? The end goal. It seems as though the whole car-dealership industry has only the almighty dollar in mind, with customer satisfaction an accidental, semi-regular happy by-product. In my experience it doesn’t matter if the brand is Chevrolet, Honda, Lexus, or Ford. The new car dealership end goal doesn’t seem to be set up with a satisfied customer in mind – rather, the final objective is to put another sale on the scoreboard.

Fundamentally, this just never sat well with me. At first, I thought maybe it was just the GM (Chevy) dealership I managed. In researching how other new-car stores did business, however, I noticed that even Chrysler -Dodge – Jeep – Ram dealerships operated in the same manner. Toyota too. In fact, other than specific product knowledge, it’s easy to take an employee from, say, a Toyota dealership, and plug them into an Infiniti store. All of these brands seem to use the same sales tactics, and high-pressure techniques, to sell and service cars!

At Metro Car Company, we will dare to be different! Our mission is to change the experience of buying a car. We formed this company in order to prove that car buying can be a pleasant experience. Give us a shot for your next car purchase, and you will see the difference!

Ed Armbruster


Metro Car Company

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